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In addition to golf trolley batteries we can also supply single seat golf buggy batteries in a variety of sizes from 55Ah up to 85Ah. Please ring for quotes.

We are an approved Battery Test Centre for Motocaddy and can authorise warranty claims in respect of Panasonic batteries supplied with Motocaddy trolleys 


Leoch Batteries 

20Ah and 26Ah AGM golf batteries with either interconnector or torberry cable fitting to suit all types of trolley. These are good quality batteries. Larger sizes can be supplied at short notice


Lucas Batteries        

We carry stocks of :-

22Ah Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries.  These are 18 hole power sources suitable for Hillbilly, Motocaddy and other lightweight trolleys and are more powerful than those supplied as original equipment on most such trolleys.

26Ah Gel and 34Ah VRLA Lucas batteries. These should easily cover 27/ 36 holes respectively on lightweight trolleys and 18 /36 holes on heavier trolleys such as Electracaddie/ Fraser.


Yuasa Batteries

We are now also carrying stock of the Yuasa YC range of cyclic golf batteries. These are premium products with a world renowned reputation for quality. Yuasa are continuing their programme of developing superior batteries .


All Yuasa batteries illustrated can be supplied for use with interconnectors to fit Powakaddy and other trolleys using the "T-bar" battery connector or bare for connection with eyelet leads

Standard sizes are 20Ah and 24Ah but larger sizes available to order
We can also supply Sonnenschein VRLA super premium batteries at short notice as well as the whole Lucas range, including ride on buggy batteries. 

We also stock a range of battery leads and connectors, including eyelet leads, Powakaddy T connectors and interconnectors. We  use only genuine Torberry Powerpole connectors in polycarbonate which are  substantially stronger than cheaper imported plastic alternatives supplied as original equipment on many trolleys.

We also supply a growing number of Golf Professionals in the Midlands with batteries, cables and connectors as we are exclusive distributors of Lucas batteries to Golf Professionals in the Midlands.


Numax 3 stage "Connect & Forget" chargers which make maintaining your battery in its optimum condition, always ready for use. These are fully automatic and remove the need to manage the battery charging process involved with cheaper chargers supplied with most trolleys.

These can be supplied as 12v 4 Amp chargers for use with golf trolleys or as 24v chargers for single seat buggies

Battery Testing

The capacity of a battery to do the intended job cannot be measured without specialist equipment. Tests are always undertaken on fully charged batteries and we use state of the art equipment, at both of our workshops, to measure the residual capacity of the power supply to your trolley. Batteries should be replaced when they degrade to 65% of their original specification as below this they cannot be relied upon to complete a round of golf driving your trolley.

The ACT Gold Intelligent Battery Tester simulates a full discharge test in 6 seconds and from the screen we see the ambient temperature, voltage output and the Amp-hours capacity of the battery.

ACT Gold Intelligent Battery Tester
The ACT Gold Intelligent Battery Tester
The Alphabat tester by Emrol is an industry standard high specification tester used to measure the output of a battery as it is physically discharged. The results can be taken either direct from the LCD screen on the tester or transferred to a computer. The results can then be reproduced graphically to show the performance of the battery from fully charged to failure. The Alphabat is also used to perform extended tests on battery chargers.

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